Car Match


Car Match is an innovative service that replaces traditional car buying guides. We provide both new and used car shoppers with the best, unbiased car shopping advice available. Our in-house consultants test, review and study the capabilities, performance and real-world pricing of all car, SUV and truck models. We distill this information into a convenient report for you, the car buyer. Click here to understand our automotive expertise and what sets us apart from car buying guides such as Consumer Reports.


Buying a car is a big decision. It's important that you choose a car that fits your unique circumstances and needs. Choosing the right car requires extensive research and time. Traditional car buying guides, such as Consumer Reports, leave car shoppers on their own to wade through vast amounts of information. They also fail to address how each car suits each individual car shoppers' needs.

When you purchase a Car Match Report, our consultants listen to your automotive needs and desires and use that information to tell you which car models (new or used) suit you best. Each of our car buying reports is custom drafted for each individual car buyer. You will not need to do any further research in choosing your next car. Click here to see a sample report.

Unlike many car buying guides and enthusiast magazines, Car Match is not affiliated with any auto manufacturer or dealer or swayed by advertising dollars. Accordingly, we are able to provide you with unbiased car shopping advice. Let Car Match save you time, effort and a headache in choosing your next car.

Car Match Advantages

Using Car Match to buy your next car gives you several advantages. Car Match:

  • Saves you time by wading through the details for you. See how!
  • Matches you with the best car model for you, whether new or used, given your unique needs and desires.
  • Makes real life automotive experts available to you to help you through the car buying process.
  • Helps car buyers choose between new and used models and decide which is best for your needs.
  • Tests new / redesigned car models as soon as they become available to understand how they suit our car buying customers.
  • Provides expert advice responsive to your needs, not generic computer driven results.
  • Explains why we're recommending a particular car model for you.
  • Takes into consideration practical testing of the way real people use their cars, such as compatibility of child car seats.
  • Covers cars, minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks!

Click here to select your Car Match report and let Car Match take the pain out of car shopping!